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Godspeed Heroes.

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Farscape Cancelled?!
Say it isn't so!
Petition to make your voice heard.

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Farscape Returns!

Farscape Mini Series The Peacekeeper Wars
coming to SciFi Sunday October 17th!

Women Support Farscape!

Bonnie Hammer said she was trying to reach women, but she's wrong about what women want to watch! Brascape is born.

Farscape: Cancelled? Say it ain't so!

write, fax, call, flood these people:

Bonnie Hammer, President
Mark Stern, Head of Programming
Michael Jackson, Chairman and CEO

Mailing address:
The SCI-FI Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020-1513

Switchboard: 212-413-5000
(Extensions = the first letters/numbers of the last name)
Programming Phone: (212) 413-5821
Comment Line: (212) 413-5577
New Comment Line: (212)-413-5679


bonnie.hammer @ unistudios.com
mark.stern @ unistudios.com
michael.jackson @ unistudios.com

Other Email Addy's:
scifiweekly @ scifi.com
program @scifi.com
feedback @scifi.com
series @ usanetwork.com

don't cancel Farscape!TPTB have a real problem on their hands with the cancellation news about Farscape. Here's links to what you need to know, and more importantly, what you can do! Rather than re-create the wheel, here are some of the most helpful links I've found with all the details on what we as fans can do to keep Farscape on the air. Read my letter here -->

Farscape Clubs at Yahoo

Cyber-Party for Farscape: Going on Nov. 11-17 2002

Guy Gross Visits the Party Guy Gross scores the beautiful music that sets Farscape apart and makes episodes come alive.

Articles written about Farscape MediaSavant is posting a list of articles written about Farscape in publications all over - the links are here.

Visit WatchFarscape.com to get the latest on the effort to Save Farscape!

Scaper.com's Save Farscape Page

Farscape World has a comprehensive list of resources to make your opinion heard.

Karlsweb is another great site for news and has some great links.

Sign a Petition Online:

More On-line Petitions:

Other Save Farscape Pages:

Farscape Top Ten Lists

add your entry to the farscaped list

Add your own entry to the
How to Tell if You're Farscaped List

Get Your Scaper Name Here

If you need something else to occupy you til the next episode check out the games, or sign our Guest Log. Or View the Farscape Top Ten Lists by Sorlk Lewis! Get your Scaper Name Here.

For Farscape.Data take a look at the TidBits, just added. For another twist on the usual dictionary, here's another way of looking at the data that makes up the Farscape Universe and the Uncharted Territories. I'm working on this area, there is a lot to cover, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to look up items by category. For example, I know it's food/drink or I know it's a weapon.

wonder if drd's have an IR port?For those of you with a pda (Palm or Handspring Visor), you can download the Episode Listing - Season's 1 and 2 in ListDB format for Palm or Visor. (Working on updating this to include the rest of the episodes - really I am!) Amaze your friends and fellow scapers!

Fan Fiction is here.

Want to know more about why this site is here?

This site is dedicated to the people who work so hard to produce Farscape.

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