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Little did I know... That when I saw my first episode of Farscape, I'd be hooked. Didn't realize that after I told my husband - "You've got to see this!" that he'd be hooked too. (although not as crazy as me) This site will be celebrating 2 years online in October 02.

We've been watching since the last part of Season I, around Nerve. Now we don't miss it. I knew I was Farscaped when I started shopping for a domain name. (my work is also what I do for fun - see our site)

It's funny, how a story can capture your imagination. Farscape does it, but unlike other shows - it has captured my imagination much like the sci-fi I read growing up. (Heinlein, Niven, Bear, Brin, and others)

This site was born out of appreciation for the world that unfolds into my living room on Friday night and the people who make it possible.

Hope you enjoy it! ErpBabe@farscaped.com


Something to say - Tell me!

Here's a copy of the letter/e-mail I sent to Sci-Fi supporting the Save Farscape Campaign.

Dear SciFi:

Hearing that Farscape was slated for cancellation through the Saccer's mailing list was a shock. I've been watching the show since the middle of the first season.

I am a married thirty-something female business owner with children. (Not your usual demographic.) I've been a sci-fan since I was a child, reading all the sci-fi books I could get my hands on. The difference: I've never gotten into any of the Trek, Bab5, or other series. The reason: to paraphrase a conversation between Scorpius and Crichton (Look at the Princess, Pt2), "Farscape is unique in the galaxy... And unique is always valuable." This show is worth the negotiating it takes to keep it.

Farscape is intelligently written, it always surprises, it's not predictable. The entire cast is brilliant and talented. The music is inspiring. The creatures, costuming and cgi effects are outstanding. The storyline is fantastic - the Farscape universe is incredibly believable. Farscape is unique. I can't tell you enough about what makes Farscape different. It has caught my imagination like no other.

My www.farscaped.com web site has been up for two years, (I've never done a fans site for myself in my 7 years in web development), but these days, I have a new baby (Aeryn - yes the spelling is derived from Farscape) and don't have as much free time but I can tell you that I've never missed an episode of Farscape. Farscape Friday finds me watching my favorite show. As an aside, I like SG1, but haven't watched it since Farscape has been on hiatus, nothing punitive, it just hasn't captured my imagination like Farscape.

I've been following the fight to save Farscape online, visiting the various sites and even lurking in chat (something I don't do) reading the news, and visiting the media sites that have posted articles. Put this to work to Farscape's advantage and invest in the future - this kind of vocal fan base is the basis that begins a dynasty like Trek, StarWars, Bab5. Like Crichton told Aeryn in Premiere: "You can be more." Farscape can be more.

In closing, please consider doing whatever it takes to keep this show in production and on the air. Crackers do matter! Thank you for your time.

LisaB (erpbabe@farscaped.com)



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