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You know you're Farscaped when...

Below are my personal observations, this area is so popular I've added a page where you can add your own entry to the list! Tell everyone how you know you're Farscaped!

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You Know You're Farscaped when:

You and your significant other have a standing date when Farscape is on. Dinner and a movie, only better.

You quote Farscape to your hubby at a family get together, and he understands what you're talking about...

"My side - Your side!" has become a useful phrase.

You suddenly find a collection of Farscape images on your hard drive, neatly arranged in their own folders.

You have Farscape wall paper on your computer.

You make your own wall paper to suit your tastes, can't have nasty little windows icons covering up John Crichton, now can we?

Your four year old watches the Farscape screensaver and tells you which are the good guys and which are the "mean guys"

Your son calls Farscape "John Crichton, Mommy's show"

You are excited to think that there are books coming! Books!

You want your significant other to dress like John or Aeryn or Chiana or D'Argo or Pilot or Rygel or Zhaan.

You want to dress like John or Aeryn or Chiana or D'Argo or Pilot or Rygel or Zhaan.

You get leather pants, REAL leather pants, and they're black, and you LIKE them.

You wear black DM's, sometimes with your leather pants.

You miss the first few minutes of taping an episode due to a technical malfunction, get really worked up (frell, frell, frell), and then remember, hey it comes on again at 11, and once again all is well with the universe.

The Sony memory stick ad in magazines reminds you of Crichton's Scorpy Chip... (you know the one where the guy has it being plugged in to the back of his head?)


Something else you think should be on this page?

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