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>>> Wednesday, September 11, 2002 ---

don't cancel Farscape!SAVE Farscape!

Dear Powers That Be: (who say they are cancelling Farscape)

This is an open letter to the Executive decision makers at Sci-Fi,

As a fan from the first season, I hope you will reconsider your decision to
discontinue Farscape after the remaining episodes of Season Four. This show
is too good to let go, it's the only show I watch with regularity - I simply
don't miss Farscape. I've never been so interested in a series.

Fans are writing letters, sending faxes and signing petitions in an effort
to show support and perhaps change your minds. The Sci-Fi forum is apparently
closed to new threads, which has driven fans away to seek other places to discuss
this turn of events, seems like a strange way to run a web site. Last night
I even ventured into /#Farscape chat, which I never have been a chatter - to
catch the last of David Kemper's comments.

Don't cancel Farscape. It is an intelligently written, well acted story - a
story we'd like to see the natural end of - that deserves a better end than
a slapped together couple of hours. Tend this growing story, tend to the fans,
I doubt you'd be sorry.

LisaB - Erpbabe @farscaped

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>>> Friday, July 26, 2002 ---

Better late than never...

Rygel as Captain Chaos - good call. Funny really, how a dominar who can rule
so many is not so good at being in command.

John's wormhole predicting - but it's more accurate than predicting the weather.
Aeryn and John almost get to have "the talk" but then the wormhole
decides to make it's late by a few microts appearance. Frustrating to say the
least. Delicious sort of frustration.

John's counting and speaking in Spanish... What's up with that? Well rounded scientist?

Pilot does not like Sikozu, she's disagreeable and we miss the rest of the snarled description.

is collecting a number of names, the latest, School Lunch Lady - which
fits in a bizarre way, she is always in the "kitchen" - LOL. More
about Noranti, her 3rd eye glows, red and purple, what is the significance of
this? Also, her mouthwash commercial, "I can feel the fungus dying as they
mingle in my mouth" Try UTScope! Available on all fine Commerce Planets.

D'Argo loves shooting things. Who woulda thunk? Actually it fits him, he just
never spoke it. Another D'Argo quote: "So Noranti can tell us how to make
a great salad? See plant, kill plant."

Hmmm, Scorpy juice, from Scorpius's
cooling rods is the same element that runs through some of Moya's systems? Cilanterum?

More on the whole pregnancy scenario: Why did Aeryn
share with Chiana about her pregnancy? Was she going to burst with this secret
she's been carrying (sorry for the pun) and couldn't wait tell? She later changes
her mind but Chiana has already spilled the beans and told D'Argo, who tells
John and then twists the knife further by confirming that Aeryn doens't know
who the baby belongs to... Shades of All My Aliens.... But Aeryn doesn't want
to tell John til she knows and she can't find that out til she has the dna tested,
presumably by PK personnel...And add to the mix that PK's born on command carriers can hold
an embryonic fetus in stasis for 7 cycles until a surgeon releases the baby
to grow... So there's 3 cycles that could be John's (and a few others), but
4 cycles that could be ????

John doesn't
know what to do - he's being snippy with Aeryn, can you blame him? J: "You
don't trust me so I don't know how to trust you. I would put my life in your
hands, but not my heart" Ouch. Aeryn pleads with him, what's it going to
take? John wants her story straight. But he forgets, she thinks her story is
straight and for her background maybe it is...

We'll see what John Quixote has in store later tonight.

>>: Erpbabe @farscaped 7:00 PM [+] <<
>>> Friday, July 12, 2002 ---

Promises - What to say about this episode... First impressions and thoughts --->

The hour went by way too fast. Aeryn returns, but wait she's not alone, and something is wrong.. Not only is she not alone, she's got heat delirium. Scorpy saved her... Now that's something new. Scorpy takes a licking and keeps on ticking, you just can't kill the guy.

John sure was torn, torn between offing Scorpy and abiding by his promise to Aeryn. But of course, his loyalty to Aeryn won out, as well it should. And it seems to me that Scorpius, in removing Harvey has, in some way earned, at least, in part, a small bit of something, at least a ticket to stick around for a while. And he had a good point, Harvey tried to kill Aeryn, the real Scorpy saved her.

These new aliens had an interesting ship, capable of morphing into any apparent form. Sikozu is a quick study - it took her microts to pick up the functions and apply them - she's going to be useful, if she can get over herself and be part of a team... I'm sure we'll hear her complain about having had to destroy that ship by using it as a decoy. Oooh you don't think she'll end up being the "captain" I certainly hope not, although I guess it would make for some interesting tension, given that Pilot expressed his opinion of her...

More about that Captain thing, Pilot discussing with Chiana - it always seemed to me that while everyone gave "orders", that Crichton was already nominally the captain, at least it seemed that way. Hard to imagine the others in that capacity...

How did the Peacekeepers find Moya so fast? And who is Scorpy's mole on the command carrier? Braca, that seems too easy, but it fits in with what Scorpy said about how he survived - by preparation, and who still tended Scorpy, even when he was being led around on a leash by Grayza? Braca did. But is he the one? Was it the tech that was working on the leviathan torpedo, what's her name?

Why did Aeryn need to keep what she did a secret? Why was she involved in an assassination, to begin with? Why did she need to act like a Peacekeeper again? Did they somehow cause her to lose the baby? I wonder, she was willing to die rather than give in and tell her part in those events.

And Aeryn's pregnancy - is she or isn't she? There's something there, she was surprised to have Crichton mention it, her look was shocked and she was struggling with an answer when John turned his back and walked out... He should have waited to see what she'd come up with, just stood there and stared until she spoke. Now we all have to wait, grrr. We don't know a lot about Sebacean pregnancy, how long is gestation, etc. lthough I guess what we do know is enough to know that it must be similar to a human, otherwise they couldn't be compatible.... What else is she hiding, there's something more to this. Other thoughts on that: we know about Aeryn's life - how does she really view babies, family, and male/female commitment, do these even have a place within Peacekeeper ranks (I suspect not)? To a Sebacean raised as a Peacekeeper from birth, these things certainly don't mean the same thing as they would to me or to John.

More to come, I've only watched it once... I love SciFiFriday!

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>>> Saturday, June 29, 2002 ---

Is this the [S] [o] [B] ?

It is the Season of Butt? That's the thread at Sci-fi, I'm not kidding. However, I certainly wondered the same thing when YACBR (Yet Another Crichton Butt Reference) cropped up last night during Lava's a Many Splendored Thing. Hmm.

Some of the things I appreciated about the episode:

  • Same Dren Different Planet
    Sounds like there should be t-shirts with this emblazoned on the front.

  • Doing the Pompeii thing
    lava, volcano, pompeii, ancient Rome - get it?

  • Something crawled up your @ss and died!
    a classic comment, just right for the situation, and too funny with
    the high pitched voice caused by Rygel's

There will be more, after I get a chance to watch it again. >>>
>>: Erpbabe @farscaped 2:00 PM [+] <<
>>> Thursday, June 27, 2002 ---
Here we go!

Finally adding something new to this site in the form of a blog. Not as if I don't have too much to do as it is, with a new scaper-baby, and the regular business of life... but Farscape is back for Season 4 and I can't help it. I'll be posting once a week after Friday night's latest eppys.

I've been MIA on the Farscape (at Scifi) Bboards for quite a while, only having time to pop-in a post a few times in the last months... Hopefully that will change, and I can get back to Scaping. Well, off til after tomorrow's episode: "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing" - interesting play on words, we'll see.
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