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by Sorlk Lewis

"Die Me, Dichotomy"
"Die Me, DK-Chip: Aeryn is dead, Long live Aeryn!"

Written by David Kemper
Directed by Rowan Woods

~*~My Name Is Chip, Chocolate Chip Too You!~*~

Chip Reviews: We are back with the DK-Chip and Sorlk Lewis for their views on "Die Me, Dichotomy"…

DK-Chip: Thank you for having us back.

<CR mumbles something about being surprised they even came back after the last time>

Sorlk Lewis: I heard THAT!

CR: I didn't say anything! Honest! <clears throat> Anyway, DK-Chip, SL…any opening comments?

DK-Chip: Yes. I would like to start off by saying that this episode was brilliant in all aspects…especially the writing. It was very strong and realistic and I am amazed that it is SO good, it honestly can't be any better.

SL: Well, if Aeryn didn't die…

DK-Chip: Hush, young one. You do not know what you are saying.

CR: Um…well, what if Aeryn didn't…

DK-Chip: Blasphemy! She had to be killed.

CR: And why is that?

SL: 'cause DK made a boo-boo and was Humanizing her!

<DK-Chip looks sternly at SL>

DK-Chip: I made no mistake. It was all carefully planned…

CR: Just like season six?

DK-Chip: Exactly! However, you mention season six again, and I will have to blind you with whiteout.

<CR gulps>

CR: OK, soooooooo…"Die Me, Dichotomy"…the bio-neuro-tracer Scorpius put in Crichton's head…

<looks between DK-Chip and SL>

CR: You know what, I think this section is easily answered, so why bother…

SL: No hands! No HANDS!!! Spinny, spinny, spinnnnnnnny! DK puts me in the chair and I go round and round…Oh say can you SEE, by the dawns early LIGHT, so what proudly we HAILED…

<CR raises an eyebrow in question before sighing in frustration>

~*~Two Plus Two Equals…Um, How Much?~*~

CR: So, what does the title "Die Me, Dichotomy" MEAN? It sure isn't going through my translator microbes right…

DK-Chip: Roughly translated, it means…

SL: Day of My Division!!!

DK-Chip: Yes, SL…

CR: Oh, so I get it! Crichton is divided by the neuro-bio-tracer in his head, hence the "division" and it's Crichton's day, so NOW that makes sense.

<SL looks at CR>

SL: What planet you on, buddy? Everyone knows what it means…I mean, sheesh, what kind of fan are you if you don't!!

<DK-Chip gives SL a Look that shuts her up quickly>

CR: Er…ok, I guess that's all for this question…

~*~"That Peacekeeper is dead." "No it isn't! It's just resting!"~*~

CR: AAAAAAAAAAAAH, You KILLED her!!! You basterd! Why-o-why did you have to KILL Aeryn Sun, the coolest character on the show!?!

DK-Chip: I felt like it.

CR: Whaaaaaaaaa? That's IT?!?!

SL: hehehehehe…DK is a bad, bad boy. ChaoticDreamer! Come quick! Your new society has some disciplining to do!

<DK-Chip snaps a finger and SL is suddenly grinning like him>

DK-Chip: What was it you were saying, SL?

SL: Nothing. I just had a momentary…lapse…in judgment. <evil writer grin>

DK-Chip: As it should be.

<CR looks around in a panicked daze before passing out from shock>

SL: You think CR is dead?

DK-Chip: Only as dead as Aeryn…


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