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by Sorlk Lewis

Chip Reviews! No, my name ain’t chip, but I got a neuro-bio-tracer chip in my head! Ya, and guess who put it there? Yup, DK…well, ‘least that’s the story. Anywho, these are chip reviews! Where the DK-chip reviews each episode, explains key points, and answers the major questions posed…crazy, huh? Yeah, well, I gotta be crazy to do this . So, this will be the Siskle and Ebert of the UT! ‘cept, it’ll be Sorlk and Chip…heh. So, on to our reviews!

Chip Reviews:

Disclaimer: Oh man, ok, where to start? Well, DK, man, buddy ‘ol pal…lol, please don’t kill me, but this is part of a long running joke started between my writing partner and myself and well, it sorta…spread…like a plague. So, it’s not my fault, really. OK, usual stuff…don’t own Farscape…wish I did…neuro-bio-tracer is all Kemper and co…DK can be taken as either David Kemper, or Crichton’s best friend, although we all know who it is referring to..

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