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Sci-Fi's Translator Page Has Some Definitions

Time & Measure

Cycle: Our equivalent : one year.

Arn: Our equivalent : one hour

Micron: Our equivalent: one minute, more or less.

Microt: Our equivalent: a second. Can you wait a Microt?

Weekens: An unspecified period of time -- perhaps a week? The only known reference is by D'Argo who accused Rygel of hoarding food when they were all starving for "nearly two weekens." from kieriahns.com

Hetch: a measure of speed (re: spacecraft)

Metra: a measure of distance

Vocabulary and Other Words

Yes they curse even in the Uncharted Territories, we'll leave the words they replace to your imagination...

Frell - What the Frell do you think you're doing?

Yotz - Aw Yotz!

Dren - You look like Dren.

Farhbot - "She's gone completely fahrbot!"

Profacto - "You lucky Profacto"

Hezmana - What in Hezmana?!

Snurch - to take, to steal, to snatch

Erp: Aeryn's mispronounciation of "Earth"

Eema - D'argo says to Chiana, "You are a real pain in the eema"

Grot - Chiana says, "I'm scared grot-less, not stupid"



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