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Author: LeatherGirl - lleick@yahoo.com

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Rating: probably PG-13

Category: Action/Adventure

Warnings: Up to the latest of season 2

Summary:John Crichton plays Scorpius’ game and threatens the crew’s lives.SACCers beware!This story could actually be one possible finale to Season 2 (Though it does not end with a cliffhanger of sorts but I am thinking of writing more to go along with what happens to each character).

Disclaimers: I do not own Farscape or anything associated with Farscape yadda yadda yadda.Enjoy!

Sorry if things aren’t too accurate.I’m new to this!


Crichton sat silently observing the stars out the view screen in the Command room.His fingers rubbed his smooth lips gently.Crichton was lost deep in thought.Memories flashed through his mind once more from his nightmare an arn ago.Memories he’d rather forget.He couldn’t shake the feelings of hopelessness and despair he felt from everything he had experienced in the past cycle.Crichton did not seem to notice the approaching pit pat of someone’s feet on the floor.

“Crichton?” Zhaan’s concerned voice asked from behind.Crichton stared into the stars and didn’t move to acknowledge her.Zhaan walked around Crichton and knelt down to come face to face with him.John finally focused his empty stare onto Zhaan’s inquiring eyes.

“Yes, Zhaan?” John replied tiredly, wondering what it was that needed fixing this time.

“You’ve been in here for several arns.Is something wrong?” Zhaan asked, placing a caring blue hand on John’s arm.John blinked a few times, unprepared for an answer and looked away for a moment.He returned his gaze back to Zhaan.

“No.” John tilted his head and closed his eyes.He saw a flash of his dying mother and opened his eyes in alarm.He got up suddenly with a jolt and swallowed hard.Zhaan stood in concern.She had seen a look of pain and guilt in his eyes for just a microt.John walked a few steps away and nervously swayed a moment.

“John…please, let us share unity…perhaps I can help you.” Zhaan asked, stepping forward, her hands outreached.

John backed away, holding his hands up.He gave Zhaan a stern and angry glare.Zhaan felt a sense of hatred from John and wondered what brought on such transformations in this once peaceful being.

“John, you’re not well…please let me help you.”Zhaan begged, suddenly unsure if she could handle the turmoil she might see within John’s soul.

“Zhaan…” John started and paused.He noticed how angry he was getting and could not figure out where such anger was coming from.“Please.This entire frelling universe has had more than its share of John Crichton and his brain.Oh!Let’s see what old Johnny boy can give us this time!   But don’t be selfish, leave a little behind for Scorpy!Zhaan, I do not need another alien probing my mind!”

With that outburst, John swirled around and charged out of the room and down the hallway, singing a strange little earthly tune.Zhaan stood for a moment, trying to translate everything the human had said.Troubled by his actions, Zhaan called the rest of the crew from their slumber.


John wandered the halls of Moya, kicking around the small silver ball he had gotten…John paused for a moment.He really couldn’t quite remember where that ball had come from.In fact, that ball had been his toy since he began having flashbacks of Scorpius. John stopped in the hall and gazed down at that ball in question.He was about to pick it up when Pilot disrupted his chain of thought.

“We are approaching the commerce planet, Commander Crichton.Would you still like to stop there?”Pilot asked over the comms.   John looked up and smiled devilishly.

“Yes Pilot.”He then turned his attention back to the ball.John straightened and kicked the ball down the hall and began to follow it.

“John.”Aeryn’s voice called over the comms.John ignored her but paused at her voice.He longed for her but never had felt further away from his friends than he did now.

“Crichton, why the yotz are we stopping here?We have more than enough food and supplies to last us another quarter of a cycle.We must keep moving.The Marauder is surely to discover us here.”D’Argo’s angry voice reasoned over the comms.

John smiled oddly and began to head for the room Pilot was situated in.He passed a confused Chiana in the hall, gave her a flirtatious glance, and continued on.

“He’s not answering nor will he realize the danger he’s putting us and himself in.” D’Argo replied as he and the rest of the crew stood in the Command contemplating on what the next course of action should be.

“I agree. We should starburst the frell out of here as soon as possible.”Rygel replied, snacking on a cracker.

“Rygel’s right…we don’t want to be discovered…” Chiana began but was interrupted by Pilot.His hologram appeared in the shell on the wall.

“There are several Prowlers and the Marauder headed towards the Commerce Planet.I don’t think they have spotted us yet but they will if we don’t get out of here now!”Pilot said in haste.The crew could sense the urgency in his voice.They grew nervous.

“Yes, Pilot, starburst immediately!” D’Argo demanded.

“I’m already preparing Moya.” Pilot stated.

“No, I don’t think so.” John stated, holding his pulse rifle up to Pilot.Pilot looked up to see Crichton slowly walking into the room with the pulse rifle in his hand.Pilot dropped his mouth in surprise and shock.

“Commander Crichton, what are you doing?” Pilot asked in fear.

“Keep Moya on a course for that planet.” John said, arriving at Pilot’s command center and staring at him with hollow angry eyes.Pilot grew fearful, noticing this was not the normal, gentle Crichton he had grown to respect and care for.John stood with beads of sweat trickling down his forehead.He faltered for a moment, looking off to his side and mumbling to something that Pilot could not see.

“Pilot, do as I say or I will blow your head off,” John ordered sternly.He pressed a few buttons on Pilot’s command and the ship turned slightly towards the planet.

“Pilot!What are you doing?We must starburst out of here immediately!” Zhaan urged with uneasiness in her voice.Pilot’s image once again came on to the screen.He wore a look of tension that the crew noticed right away.

“I’m afraid Commander Crichton won’t allow it.”Pilot answered.The crew looked to each other and then to Pilot.

“Crichton?What do you mean, Pilot?”Aeryn asked in confusion.

“He…He says he will kill me if I do not do as he says.He has a pulse rifle aimed at me.I’m sorry, I must do what he says.” Pilot stated in fear.

The crew exchanged looks and Aeryn and D’Argo withdrew their weapons.D’Argo was growing increasingly angry.They were about to head towards Pilot’s quarters when Zhaan stopped them.

“Please…he doesn’t realize what he’s doing.”

“Oh he will.”D’Argo stated and with that, he and Aeryn headed for Pilot.


John stood near Pilot, his rifle never lowered as he blankly stared at Pilot.His eyes were red from exhaustion.Pilot knew this human wasn’t thinking right…he couldn’t be.The Command Crichton he knew would not surrender himself so easily.

“You are aware that if you go down to that planet…you will be captured by Scorpius.”Pilot stated.

“Oh I’m well aware of the consequences.Scorpy and I are old buddies.We just need to catch up on a few things before I blow his head off.” John stated, staring into Pilot.He closed his eyes for a moment, looking distressed.He opened them once more and focused back on Pilot.

“You’ve been quite distracted since we found you on that commerce planet.What happened?” Pilot asked.He was right.John had been acting differently since then.John shifted uncomfortably.A wave of memories from that day stung his mind.John rubbed his eyes painfully and then looked back to Pilot.

“Nothing.Absolutely nothing.Are we almost there?” John asked.He seemed suddenly calmer than before.Pilot noticed the human seemed to be suffering a lot of mood swings as well.

“Crichton, drop your weapon!” Aeryn demanded from the entrance to the room.Crichton smiled crazily and let out a little laugh.He turned his head to watch Aeryn and D’Argo enter the room with weapons drawn.

“So nice of you to join the party, amigos!”John stated in a bout of laughter.The two stepped closer.Without warning, John fired a warning shot at their feet and then pointed his weapon swiftly back to Pilot.Aeryn and D’Argo stepped back slightly, looking at John with bewilderment.

“Have you gone mad?” D’Argo asked.

“You’ve completely lost it.You aren’t thinking clearly.Lower your weapon or we will be forced to fire.” Aeryn demanded.She locked her sights on John.She did not want to hurt her friend but if he was threatening the crew and ship’s lives…she would do what was necessary…no matter what feelings she had for this human.

“Fire?Huh!You wouldn’t…no you couldn’t fire on your old buddy old pal.No, Aeryn, you’ve softened.D’Argo, maybe not, but you, Aeryn.I don’t think so.” John said and looked to Pilot once more.

“Crichton!Lower your weapon or I will shoot you!” D’Argo threatened angrily.

“John, listen to me, you are not thinking clearly.That command carrier will surely catch up to us.Scorpius will capture you and kill you.Is that what you want, human?” Aeryn replied sternly.She held her weapon in a dead aim for John, not once lowering it.

“Pilot, stay on a direct course.”John stated.He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, trying to erase the painful memories seeping into his mind. Without warning, he fired at the structure directly above Aeryn and D’Argo, sending down a spray of sparks and steam.A duct had ruptured, spraying blinding steam straight down on the two defenders.As they stumbled out of the heated steam, they realized John had escaped out of the room.

“Pilot, report!” Aeryn choked into her comms as she ran out of the room and down the hall with D’Argo close behind.

“He’s headed for the docking bay.He’s ordered me to prepare his module.”Pilot stated.

“Don’t do it, Pilot!We’re on our way there!”Aeryn ordered, running at full speed.

“Aeryn, D’Argo! Do not hurt him.Only disable him for the moment!He’s not himself, remember!” Zhaan cried out worriedly over the comms.

“Don’t worry, Zhaan.I will give him a sting he will not forget!” D’Argo raged over the comms.


In the docking bay, John was already in his module; firing it up and watching the outer doors open so he could exit Moya.He paused for a moment, as if his old self were trying to emerge.   But the new John was here to stay.Somehow, his mind had been taken over by something…or someone.John could not figure out how or why he was the way he was now.He felt no control over his actions and even his thoughts now. And his consciousness was not resisting.All he could hear was Scorpius’ voice cheering him on as he went.Only a small thread of his usual self was trying to call to him and stop this madness.John could not fight it.He was being possessed by another force and there was no stopping it.At his most vulnerable hour, he was defenseless.

“Pilot, keep those doors going or I will blast my way out of here!” John ordered when the doors halted.A few microts later the doors continued to open.John drove his module down the runway and was soon out of the ship and into space.He could now see the planet fully as well as the prowlers and Marauder in the distance.Smiling evilly, John laughed and headed on a straight course for the planet.

Aeryn and D’Argo arrived in the docking bay just as the outer doors were closing back down.

“PILOT! What the frell did you do that for!You could have stopped him!” D’Argo exclaimed angrily.He knocked over a few crates nearby to relieve some of his anger.Aeryn lowered her weapon and grew a face of worry.

“Pilot, how long before he reaches the planet and is discovered by the command carrier?” Aeryn asked, a sense of hopelessness creeping into her voice.

“In only a few microns he will be detected by their scans.And shortly thereafter, so will we.” Pilot stated unhappily.

Aeryn and D’Argo traveled back to command to join the rest of the crew as they watched Crichton’s module head towards the planet on the view screen.

“By the goddess, I hope he knows what he’s doing.”Zhaan stated in panic.

“Did you see his eyes?He looked so lost.I don’t even think he was himself.” Chianna replied, lost in thought.D’Argo arrived at her side as Aeryn approached the controls to monitor the situation.

“What do we do now?Wait to be discovered and destroyed by Scorpius?” Rygel asked angrily.

“Maybe Crichton has a plan.” Chianna stated desperately. She looked at the others who gave her a doubtful look.“Yeah, we’re definitely as good as dead.”


Another flash of memories passed through Crichton’s mind as he headed towards the planet.He saw himself, as he once was…innocent and the anchor of the crew for thinking things through instead of blasting the way to the answer with violence.That soul was long lost and buried deep within him. Now, he was a hollow man filled with rage and hate.Seeking one thing and one thing only…to silence that haunting voice in his head.To end Scorpius’ rein on Crichton’s every existing moment. Somehow, John realized Scorpius was a part of him.He did not know how or why, but Scorpius seemed to be with him always since they had first met.No matter what John did, Scorpius knew where he was or what he was doing.It was like he was there with him.Crichton squeezed his eyes shut to rid of the memories of pain he had suffered and concentrated on the task on hand.

He was strong enough to realize he needed to isolate himself from Moya and the crew to save their lives.But not strong enough to resist the urge to listen to that voice in his head…Scorpius’ demanding voice.And the voice told him he needed to face his enemy.He needed to surrender.

“John. Do you hear me?John?”Zhaan’s voice called over the comms.John chose to ignore her pleading voice.She sounded desperate and scared.Only a tiny impulse within John felt for her.

“Listen here, human.”D’Argo’s angry voice interrupted.D’Argo uttered a few words that John’s microbes could not translate.John was about to turn his comms off when something in his head stopped him.Deep down within him, he realized it would be smart to leave the comms on.To record anything that might happen down on the planet.

“John.You are not acting normal.Turn around immediately.You will surely be killed if you don’t.” Aeryn’s demanding PeaceKeeper voice urged.“Or is that what you want?”

The last comment tugged at John’s conscience.But something else took over and John speeded up towards the planet.He stopped listening to the pleading voices and suddenly heard another voice he had not heard from in too long of a time.His mother’s.

“John. Please.Please don’t leave us.Don’t leave us again.”His mother’s voice cried in angst.Tears welled up in John’s eyes as he listened to her voice and longed to be with his mother once more.That scar from so long ago had not yet healed.

“John!What a surprise.So nice to see you.Let’s get together and chat, shall we?” Scorpius’ voice replied over the comms.Startled, John glanced around his module, half expecting to see Scorpius’ face morph from the controls in front of him.

“Shut up, Scorpy!I’m already doing what you want.Just leave them alone and let’s get this over with,” John stated, not really knowing what he was getting himself into.He just wanted all the pain to end.He knew deep down what he was doing was the best for Moya and the crew.

After an arn, John landed safely down on the planet.He was greeted by stern PeaceKeepers once he exited his module.John did not resist.He observed how much this commerce planet resembled the last one they had been to and followed the PeaceKeepers to a large structure.He already knew Scorpius was in there.They entered the structure and walked through a maze of several dark hallways.John was growing tired and dizzy from walking so long and began to wonder what the hell he was doing.A light shone onto his face as he was led into a large central room decorated with the usual homey PeaceKeeper colors.A throne was situated at the opposite end of the room.Scorpius sat patiently waiting on the throne.John immediately recognized this room from the flashes he had been experiencing when Scorpius was trying to keep him sane.

The PeaceKeepers shoved John forward into the room and the doorway behind him morphed into a wall.There was no exit now.John stared at the wall blankly and turned to see Scorpius.It was as if his mind had suddenly been erased.He could not fathom how he had gotten here or what he was doing here.John stepped forward and stopped halfway into the room.He looked up to see a bright light shining down on him and then looked back to Scorpius.

Scorpius grinned with an evil little chuckle and arose from his chair.He walked down a few steps and came face to face with Crichton.He then began to circle him.

“It’s been a long time, my friend.”Scorpius smiled.Crichton watched Scorpius wearily and tried to search his memory on how he had gotten here and what might have happened to Moya and the crew.

“Where are we?What have you done to Moya and the others?” John demanded.He suddenly began to feel extremely exhausted.

“You’re tired, John.You look exhausted.Have a seat.”Scorpius stated in a controlling manner.John stumbled slightly as a chair rose from the floor behind him.He willingly listened to Scorpius and sat down in the chair, rubbing his eyes tiredly.He struggled to keep focused, but was finding it harder to concentrate as his mind began to numb.


Continued: Part 2


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