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Author: LeatherGirl - lleick@yahoo.com

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Rating: probably PG-13

Category: Action/Adventure

Warnings: Up to the latest of season 2

Summary:John Crichton plays Scorpius’ game and threatens the crew’s lives.SACCers beware!This story could actually be one possible finale to Season 2 (Though it does not end with a cliffhanger of sorts but I am thinking of writing more to go along with what happens to each character).

Disclaimers: I do not own Farscape or anything associated with Farscape yadda yadda yadda.Enjoy!

Sorry if things aren’t too accurate.I’m new to this!


“What do you mean the Command Carrier has turned towards us?Has it detected us?” D’Argo asked angrily, fussing over the controls with Aeryn.Zhaan had completely tuned into the Delvian Seek and was currently praying to the goddesses.Rygel was floating anxiously around Command worrying what would become of them.Chiana was nervously hassling Pilot about the situation at hand in Pilot’s quarters.

“I’m afraid so.” Pilot answered to D’Argo and then turned his attention to Chiana.

“What do you mean he looked different?He’s John- he doesn’t change colors or anything!” Chiana exclaimed, continuing their conversation before D’Argo’s interruption.

“There was something different in his eyes.It was if, it was if someone else was controlling him.” Pilot stated softly.Chiana shared a gaze with Pilot and pondered the thought.

“You don’t think Scorpius has anything to do with the way he was acting, do you?” Chiana asked.

“I don’t know.”Pilot answered honestly.

“Frell that Crichton.We should be searching for my son, not wasting our time trying to figure out what the frell made him lose his mind.” D’Argo exclaimed angrily.

“We can only handle one thing at a time, D’Argo.” Aeryn reasoned.She stopped and watched the fleet of PeaceKeepers approaching.For a brief moment, part of her wanted to join the fleet and head into battle.It was what she was trained for.

“Zhaan, how can you be so calm when we’re about to be destroyed by PeaceKeepers?” D’Argo raged on.Zhaan glanced at him with an angry glare and turned her attention back to praying.

“D’Argo, stop.It’s too late.” Aeryn stated suddenly.She held her gaze on the view screen.

“What are you talking about, Aeryn?We still can starburst out of here.” D’Argo yelled.

“No.They’ve locked their frag cannons on us. It’s too late.Besides, I’m not abandoning Crichton.No matter how crazy he appears to be he needs our help.I, for one, need to return the favor.”Aeryn seemed calm.Too calm for D’Argo.

“Have you lost your mind as well?Maybe you should be down there with Crichton!”D’Argo stated.With that, he angrily stalked out of Command.Aeryn watched him leave and turned to Zhaan.

“It looks as though it is too late to starburst.Unfortunately, the PeaceKeepers have demanded that we surrender.I see no other alternative at this point.” Pilot stated with defeat over the comms.Aeryn glanced at the view screen and then back to Zhaan.

“I hope your gods are listening…we’re going to need all the help we can get.”Aeryn stated.She turned and headed out of the Command.


John could feel that all too familiar fear rising in his stomach.His worse enemy had gotten the best of him.Somehow, his mind had gotten so frelled that he must have surrendered himself to Scorpius.Impossible!There’s no way I’d give in to Scorpius.

Yes, John, there is.You wanted to save your shipmates so you surrendered to me.A wise choice.You’ll save everyone a lot of pain and suffering.Scorpius’ voice echoed throughout John’s mind.

John looked at Scorpius, who had resumed circling him.Scorpius wore that same old familiar grin that John had been haunted with for so long.The numbness within was growing stronger, and John could feel himself growing weaker by the minute.He could not figure out how Scorpius was controlling him.And the anger growing deep within him was making John feel more unsettled than ever.

“What do you want from me that you haven’t already taken?” John asked, knowing the answer.

“Johnny boy, you already know that one.Why don’t you ask what’s really bothering you?” Scorpius asked, lowering his face to John’s left ear and then raising once again to circle John.

“Fine.Why are you in my head?Why…” John stopped and came to the realization he had once discovered but somehow forgotten.The anger within him unleashed and John lunged at Scorpius.A jolt of electricity shook John’s body, forcing him to fall back into the chair, doubled over in pain.He held his head in his hands and looked up at Scorpius weakly.

“You planted that thing in my head.I want it out!” John demanded breathlessly.

“That’s not how we play the game, John.You know what I need and you’re going to give it to me.No matter what it takes.” Scorpius stated.

John rubbed his aching head with his rough hands and looked back to Scorpius with an unsteady gaze.He knew there was no way out of this.The mental chip Scorpius had planted in his head had begun to control his thoughts and actions.


“Surrender?”Rygel squeaked nervously.The crew stood gathered in Command staring out through the view screen.After Pilot had unsuccessfully tried to prepare Moya for starburst, the Marauder fired a warning shot.The crew realized there was no way out.

“There is nothing we can do.May the goddess be with us.”Zhaan stated hysterically, passing her hands over her head with a quick prayer.

“We can’t just give up.We’ve got to fight!” Chiana disagreed.She brushed against D’Argo’s side.“You won’t surrender, D’Argo.You have to find your son.I have to find my brother.Come on!”

“Chiana!We are outnumbered.A true warrior lays down his weapon when he recognizes defeat.”D’Argo stated, staring out into the vast fleet of prowlers circling Moya.Chiana couldn’t believe her ears.Everyone was giving up.

“What the frell do you guys think you’re doing?No way would you ever give up this easily.Crichton once told me, where there’s a will, there’s a pathway…or something like that.If we believe we can get out of this, we can.And I know Crichton is down there for a reason.He may seem like he’s gone completely crazy…but I’m sure he has a plan.”Chiana tried to reason.

“What are you talking about, Chiana?Just face reality.”Aeryn grunted unhappily.

“Well, we’re not dead yet.Crichton must be stalling for us.Those Prowlers are guarding us.Something’s not right.Trust me.”Chiana stated, looking out to the Prowlers.

“Chiana, just face it…” D’Argo began but was cut off by Aeryn.

“D’Argo, she’s right.”Aeryn replied and headed over to the controls to monitor the situation.“They haven’t even directly contacted us.We’re being held captive but we are not the attention of that Marauder…Crichton is.”

“Scorpius.”Zhaan whispered.

“Crichton somehow knew Scorpius was here and perhaps felt he had to sacrifice himself.He may have thought of it as a good plan…but he sure could have informed us about it.”Aeryn reasoned.

“He’s down there with Scorpius, and we’re up here with the PeaceKeepers.There’s no way we can save each other from an equal fate.”Rygel stated in a dreaded voice.

“I will not give up.My son is out there and I am this close to finding him!We must fight!” D’Argo stated, changing his mind all together.

“Stubborn Luxan.” Aeryn muttered under her breath.She turned her attention to Pilot.“Pilot, are Crichton’s comms on?

“I believe so.” Pilot said with surprise.

“Crichton?Can you hear me?”Aeryn stated.Silence followed.Aeryn tried once again. Still nothing.

“He’s probably ignoring you.”Rygel said.Aeryn ignored Rygel’s remark.

“John, listen to me and listen to me very carefully.I don’t care whether you may hear me or not.We are not giving up.I don’t believe you have surrendered us or that you have surrendered yourself.Please don’t frell this up.A warrior fights to the death.You have proved to me that you are a warrior.”

Silence followed her speech.Aeryn bit her lip nervously and looked to the others.

“I think it’s up to him, now.”Zhaan replied.


John was leaned forward in the chair, rubbing his eyes sorely.Scorpius had settled back down on his throne and had been staring at John intently for quite a while.John’s comms had crackled for a few moments before bringing him to remember his shipmates’ worried glances when he had last seen them.I must’ve gone completely off the deep end.They’ll never forgive me for this…if I even seen them ever again.

“John, why bother yourself with wondering about your shipmates.They can’t help you now, or vice versa.The only thing for you to do is to let me probe your brain freely to find the information that I need.When I have found the wormhole technology, I will release you back to them.There will be no harm done.You won’t even remember any of this.”Scorpius pleaded, leaning forward on his throne.

John looked at those evil beady eyes drilling into his own and then looked away anxiously.His head was beginning to ache even more than before and his thoughts were broken and distorted.John no longer knew what thoughts were his own and what thoughts were from the chip.

“If I let you have the wormhole technology, you promise not to harm anyone on Moya?You promise to leave us alone?”John bargained, looking to Scorpius once again.He couldn’t believe himself.He would not normally give up so easily.Then again, he wasn’t even himself at the moment.

“I will obey your wishes, yes.”Scorpius replied with a smile.He stood and walked down to stand in front of John.“Give me the wormhole technology, and I’ll make sure you never remember any of the suffering you’ve gone through.”

John pondered those words over and over in his mind.He wanted to believe them so badly, but his true self knew that Scorpius would never comply with his wishes.He had to do something…and without letting the Scorpy chip or the real Scorpius on to his plan.The only other alternative was death.


“Talyn?He’s here?”Aeryn asked in confusion.Pilot had just announced to the crew that Talyn had arrived in the area and was preparing his weapons to fire upon the PeaceKeepers.The PeaceKeepers were on alert, prepared to fire upon the Leviathan if she attacked.

“He’s arrived and is protecting Moya.” Pilot stated, his scans suddenly picking up on Talyn’s exact location.“He’s concealed himself underneath Moya.”

“What about Crais?Why would he be doing this?” D’Argo asked with concern.

“Talyn is completely acting on his own.Crais is having trouble controlling him.”Pilot answered.He paused to listen to Talyn and Moya communicate.“I do believe Talyn has grown as a military ship and wishes to defend his mother.”

“He may be our only chance.”Aeryn stated sorrowfully.“Pilot, notify Crais and Talyn that I am coming aboard.”

“Aeryn, this is not wise.”D’Argo stated, grabbing Aeryn’s arm as she passed him.Aeryn shrug off his grip and stared at him with the usual PeaceKeeper glare.

“We have a chance.” Aeryn replied simply.She turned and headed out of Command.

Zhaan glanced at D’Argo and then to Chiana and Rygel.They shared the same look of dread that she was feeling.


John racked his brain for a solution to his current situation.He was balancing between two sanities.One was his own: the other controlled by Scorpius.No matter what he tried, Scorpius would know of his actions before he even acted upon them.Somehow, he had to get that chip out of his head.

John glanced around the room, scanning the walls for even a fissure in the structure that could lead to the outside world.To his dismay, he was in the perfect cell.No way to the world outside and trapped inside with his enemy.

“Johnny boy, time’s up.What are you waiting for?” Scorpius chanted from his throne.John glanced up at Scorpius and a thought sprung into his mind.Just a tiny thought that only a human could understand.“Unleash the hounds?What does that mean?”Scorpius inquired, reading John’s mind.

John realized now that the Scorpius in the room with him was just another decoy.Another mind game.John stood up and screamed at the top of his lungs.

“SCORPIUS, SHOW YOUR SORRY ASS NOW!”John screamed.The room began to swirl in front of him.John thought he was getting dizzy and would lose his mind but realized it was the room that was moving, not him.Stressed, John stumbled slightly as the room grew dark and he began to feel the cold of the real atmosphere he was in.John recognized this room from the Royal Planet when his stone head had been thrown into a pit of acid.But it was slightly different for there was no acid or even any heat.The coldness of the dungeon-like room was more than he was dressed to handle.The room suddenly morphed once more.John was left in complete darkness, shivering in the cold.He hugged himself to keep warm and felt the anger rising within him.He was sick of Scorpius’ games.

“I underestimated you, John.You’re much smarter than I first thought.” Scorpius’ voice stated.His voice sounded hollow and distant, revealing to John that he was yet in another room with stone walls.

“Gee thanks, I get that a lot in the uncharted territories.” John sarcastically remarked.

He shivered once again and glanced around as a light began to fill the room.John noticed he was in a small cell.Scorpius was standing within the light.A door closed behind him and the light disappeared, leaving John and Scorpius in pitch black.A singular beam of red light shone down from straight above John’s head.John glanced at it for a moment, trying not to be blinded by the light.He found that he couldn’t move his legs at all.He looked to Scorpius who approached him with a wry smile on his face.

“I’ve got you exactly where I want you.And it was quite easy.”Scorpius boasted with a hiss.He stared John down with those beady little eyes.John felt very uncomfortable under his stare.John blinked a few times, realizing his brain was beginning to feel like Jello.

“What…what are you doing to me?”John stuttered, realizing that Scorpius had already gotten into his head to look for the technology he possessed.The chip was being put to work.John struggled against it, realizing that he had little control left in his body.Memories flashed through his mind, causing John to go through everything he’d seen on the false earth the Scarren had helped produce all over again.All the emotions swept over him.His muscles began to ache and John felt he was about to collapse.No matter how much it hurt, John realized what he had to do.He had to let the chip kill him before finding the information it needed.

“No, John.You mustn’t let go.Open your mind freely and it won’t hurt as much.” Scorpius’ voice stated, inside John’s mind.John closed his eyes in pain.He grunted and gasped for air.His lungs were tightening more and more by the microt.Relief.That’s all he wanted.Relief.

John suddenly began to listen to Scorpius.He stopped resisting the chip and actually felt a wave of relief pass over his body.He was able to breathe better and his body felt somewhat rested.But his brain was completely mashed.John couldn’t hold onto reality for much longer.

“John…concentrate on me and only me.”Zhaan’s voice suddenly entered John’s head.John opened his eyes but saw he was still under the red light and Scorpius was still circling him intently.John could not understand why the chip had not yet detected her voice.But he knew he should not respond…or he might give Zhaan away.A wave of pain swept through John once more and he could feel himself losing control.Scorpius grinned greedily at John and watched as he suffered.“John, Talyn is here with us.We have a chance.Just concentrate on my voice.”Could this be another trick?John tried to ignore her voice.


“What is Zhaan doing?She’s not responding to us anymore,” Chiana asked amidst the hectic atmosphere of Command where D’Argo was pacing madly, waiting to hear from Aeryn.Rygel was now nowhere in sight, presumably hiding.Zhaan stood with both her palms out in the air, her eyes closed, and muttering softly to herself.Chiana circled Zhaan, watching her closely and struggling to make sense of the words she was muttering.

“Probably praying to her goddesses that we all endure a quick and painless death!” D’Argo replied angrily.“Aeryn! Are you aboard Talyn yet?”D’Argo barked into his comms.

“Not yet, D’Argo.Crais isn’t responding to my request to board Talyn.” Aeryn’s upset voice carried over on the comms.

“What is John up to?Why aren’t the PeaceKeepers doing anything?” Chiana asked aloud, trying to figure things out.She was growing more nervous by the microt.

“I sense much pain in you, John.Please, concentrate on my voice.It will calm you and guide you.”Zhaan whispered.Chiana gazed at Zhaan curiously.


John listened to that sweet voice he realized he missed so dearly.He hung onto it with all his might, struggling against the effects of the chip.Another jolt of electricity shocked John’s body, causing him to go in to a short bout of convulsions.John’s legs weakened and he fell to the floor in a lump.Scorpius sneered and bent over to peer down at John.His eyes were closed and he appeared not to be breathing.Growing angry, Scorpius closed his eyes and tried to gather information from the chip.But he got nothing.The chip was no longer responding.

“You can’t be dead, Crichton, the chip won’t allow it.”Scorpius stated securely.

“You’re right, it won’t.”John slurred his words as he opened his eyes weakly.He lifted his torso with his shaking arms but fell back to the stone cold floor, feeling there was no strength left in his body.Instead, he relished the cold floor cooling his overheated body.Scorpius paced around him, growing impatient.

“What’s happening?The chip won’t respond!”Scorpius growled.John let out a loud crazy laugh and smiled up at Scorpius as he rested the side of his face on the floor.

“Damn, don’t you hate it when the computer chip fries?!”John laughed in retaliation.

“There was no malfunction.Or you would be dead.Something else has caused it to stop.But what?”Scorpius asked.He scooped down to look at John closer.

“Perhaps you’re hiding more than wormholes in that head of yours.”Scorpius suggested.He grinned and stood tall.He spoke into his comms to someone above ground, uttering something about more output in the machine.John tried to move from his current location but found it hard to lift a finger.Instead, he listened for Zhaan’s voice.Silence.

“You can’t do this to me for much longer…humans can only take so much torture before their minds shut down.You’ll never get any wormhole technology from me because there’s none there to begin with.”John stated boldly, listening to his voice echo against the stone walls of the cell.Scorpius let out a long evil chuckle as he continued his circling around Crichton.

“Perhaps we should take the chip out and replace it with a newer, stronger version.”Scorpius stated, looking off into the darkness.

“No!” John muttered with seriousness creeping into his crazed state.He did not want to suffer for much longer but would do what it took to keep Scorpius and the PeaceKeepers at bay until Moya and the others had a chance to escape.


Moya hovered high above the planet, sheltering Talyn against the parade of Prowlers guarding the ship.But Talyn had grown bigger and more aggressive since they had last met.As he fought with his mother, he tried to convince her that he should be protecting her, not the other way around.                   

Pilot listened carefully to the conversation between the two ships and relayed as much of it as possible back to the crew.

“Aeryn has entered Talyn and is now speaking with Crais.” Pilot announced.

“Finally.”D’Argo grunted.

Chiana stood a few feet away from Zhaan, continuing to observe her.She pondered on how Zhaan could possibly be reaching Crichton.

“I don’t know what you’re up to, Zhaan…but I hope to hezmana that it works!”Chiana muttered.

“You know, we wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for Crichton.What the frell did he think he was doing by going down to that planet?Scorpius has for sure spotted him and gone down there after him.”D’Argo raged.He was growing increasingly impatient as time passed and their situation had not changed.

“D’Argo?How can you say that?Don’t you see?Crichton sacrificed himself to spare us.”Chiana stated, seeing the situation completely different from D’Argo.She stood up to him and looked into his eyes.She could see he was still upset about the news of his son, Jothee, being sold as a slave.

“Spare us from what?Scorpius? Maybe.But we are still escaped prisoners and now back in the control of the PeaceKeepers.”D’Argo stated.He was about to say more when Moya began to shift around, throwing everyone to the floor, including Zhaan.Zhaan shook her head and realized she had lost contact with John and began to try to resume her previous state.

“Moya’s beginning to panic!”Pilot yelled over the comms.

“Pilot!What’s going on?”D’Argo demanded to know.

“What the frell is that?”Chiana asked with a hint of fear in her voice.Through the view screen, the crew could see a large circular mechanism slightly larger than Moya being hauled towards them by two PeaceKeeper ships.

“It’s a Control Collar!”Pilot exclaimed in alarm.The Prowlers circling Moya began to part as the collar was brought closer and prepared to be placed around Moya once again.Several shots were fired at Moya to paralyze her.Moya maneuvered frantically out of the line of fire.Talyn instinctively began to attack the collar and ships hauling it but was fired upon as well.

“What the frell is going on?”Aeryn asked in surprise.She had been discussing with Crais the future of Talyn.

“They’re attempting to place a control collar back on Moya.We must starburst out of here immediately or Talyn will be next.You don’t want Talyn in the hands of the PeaceKeepers do you?”Crais asked, getting in Aeryn’s face.Aeryn glared at him for a moment and stepped forward to address Talyn.

“Talyn, calm down.”

“Talyn, continue fire on the control collar!” Crais ordered.Talyn obediently obeyed and fired his canons.

“You cannot order Talyn to do anything!”Aeryn argued.Crais smiled and stepped up to Aeryn.

“Aeryn Sun, you have yet to learn my strengths.Talyn needs guidance and I can give him that.Soon, he’ll be a mighty fleet of his own and will need to know the proper ways of battle.How is he going to learn that from a Leviathan whose only defense is the ability to starburst?”Aeryn glared into Crais’ smug expression.

“Besides, Crichton was wise to surrender himself to Scorpius.Now Moya and Talyn have a chance to escape.”

Aeryn looked to Crais with question and then out the view screen at the battle taking place between Talyn, Moya, and the control collar.Talyn rocked back and forth, avoiding several shots from the PeaceKeeper ships.

“We cannot leave Crichton.”Aeryn replied stubbornly after pondering the suggestion of escape.

“Crichton is as good as dead and you know it.”Crais stated, brushing past Aeryn’s shoulder.Aeryn looked as Crais cast her a glance to read her reaction.She knew if things had been different, she and Crais would have been together.She would have been traveling on Talyn and not on Moya.But Aeryn realized her feelings were too strong for Crichton.There were a countless number of times he had saved her life and vice versa.He had infiltrated a PeaceKeeper Gammak Base and suffered in the Aurora Chair…all for her.And she would do the same for him.

“Trained as a PeaceKeeper, why are you willing to fight for one man’s life?We were taught to fight for the common good, to spare no one.”Crais asked curiously.Aeryn was caught off guard by his inquiry.She stumbled for a moment.

“He saved my life a number of times.I must return the favor.”Aeryn replied.

“He will not survive Scorpius’ torment, I can guarantee that.”Crais stated.“There is a time to fight and a time to flee…we must leave now!”

“No, I will not abandon him.I owe him…as he once stated it.” Aeryn argued.“We’re going to find a way to save Crichton and Moya.”


John awoke with a start, realizing immediately that he was not in the cold stone cell anymore.Alarmed, John discovered he was strapped back in the Aurora Chair.He tried to remember arriving at this place but everything was in bits and pieces.His entire body ached and John laid his head back in the chair.He glanced around to see that he was all alone in the darkly lit room.It was similar to the one on the Gammak Base but there were no guards…not even Scorpius was parading around him this time.

“Scorpy?Come on, pal.”John stated in a playful voice.He whistled as if whistling for a dog and moved his head around to try to see if Scorpius was behind him.“Where are you boy?I miss you already!”

Maybe Moya starburst out of the area, John pondered.He paused, almost waiting for the chip to respond.He then remembered that the chip had somehow failed.John laughed psychotically.

“John, I haven’t forgotten you.Things are a little hectic at the moment.But, I do know you will be here so I don’t need to keep an eye on you…for now.”Scorpius stated, his head hovering slightly to the right of John’s.John swung his eyes towards the direction of Scorpius’ voice and smiled.

“Scorpy!You didn’t leave me!Oh I missed you!” John stated.He laughed some more.Scorpius turned to face John head on.

“John, you must keep focused.I need your attention here.If you decide to lose your mind now, that information could be lost forever.And we can’t have that now can we?” Scorpius stated with a smile.He then walked away and exited the room.John’s smile slowly wore off his face as he realized he had a chance to escape.

The fragmented memories passing through John’s mind began to make sense to him.He realized something he had overlooked.He had left his comms on the entire time.Now that the chip was no longer controlling his thoughts or emotions, John could easily contact Moya…if she were still there.

“Pilot?”John whispered frantically.He closed his eyes for a moment, feeling dizzy from the stress his body was undergoing.There was no answer.

“Pilot!”John stated slightly louder the second time.

“Shit!She probably starburst the hell out of here arns ago.”John muttered.At least he’d have a record of the chats between him and Scorpius if he ever made it back to Moya.He was sure everything they had said had been recorded.

John began to feel extremely exhausted again, realizing that this entire ordeal was beginning to take its toll.If he couldn’t hang on for much longer, he would be of no use to anyone.

“John?”Zhaan’s voice whispered in John’s mind.John blinked several times.He thought for a moment that Zhaan was talking to him via the comms. He was almost afraid to acknowledge her voice, fearing he was just hallucinating again.Then he remembered she had contacted him earlier as well.

“Zhaan?”John stated in a hushed voice.

“By the goddess, are you all right?”Zhaan responded with relief.

“Couldn’t be better.Zhaan, are you guys safe?You’ve got to get out of here now.”John stated.

“John!We won’t leave without you.They’re attempting to place a control collar on Moya.Talyn’s here but he’s fighting more than he can handle. There’s no way we can avoid the PeaceKeepers.”

“Zhaan, Scorpius planted some kind of chip in my head.Somehow, it failed.I don’t know what he’s up to but I can only hold his attention for so long.”John stated and paused, feeling another rush of pain sweep through his body.

“John?Are you all right?”Zhaan asked, sensing his pain.John cleared his head once more and smiled.

“Zhaan, listen to me, you have to get out of there now.They’re going to kill you.Forget about me.I’d rather die than give Scorpius what he wants.”John stated bravely.

“John, I will not let you die.”Zhaan stated.John felt a sudden rush of energy flow into his body.

“Zhaan, what was that?”John asked.No response.   “Zhaan?”

“Talking to yourself?” Scorpius asked.He entered John’s view and cocked his head at John.

“Only to you Scorpius.”John stated wryly.

“Unfortunately, we must depart this planetary system immediately.There are some intense solar flares that would do quite the damage on my equipment if we were to stay.Thankfully, we are already on the Marauder.”

John crumpled his brow.Now he realized they had been moving slowly for quite some time.He had thought it was because the way he was feeling.

“Maybe you should be paying more attention to those solar flares.They are an ingredient in creating a wormhole, you know.”John stated.Scorpius peered at him in wonder and stepped forward to read the human’s expression.

“Why would you be telling me this?Unless…you are willing to die. The information you give me is incorrect.The only way I can be sure is to probe your mind.”Scorpius smiled.

Sweating, John realized things were going from bad to worse.


“Scarrens?What would they be doing here?” Chiana asked.

Pilot announced the oncoming fleet of Scarren battleships heading towards them.The PeaceKeepers had noticed as well, sending all of their prowlers towards the Scarren fleet.The control collar was abandoned at the moment, hovering uncomfortably close to Moya.

“They are headed into battle with the PeaceKeepers.Pilot!Now’s our chance.Starburst immediately!” D’Argo ordered.

“I’m afraid Moya won’t starburst.She doesn’t want to be separated from Talyn any more.”Pilot stated in a worried tone.

“Talyn can starburst the yotz out of here as well!Let’s get out of here!”Rygel squealed from his hiding place inside a crate in the cargo bay.

“No!We can’t leave John!” Zhaan stated, finally joining with the rest of the crew on the current situation.

“Aeryn has come back aboard Moya.Talyn is preparing for starburst…and so is Moya.”Pilot reported anxiously.

“We do not want to be caught in a battle between the PeaceKeepers and the Scarrens.Crichton was a good friend to us all.But he frelled up and now we have to save ourselves!” Rygel grunted over the comms.

“Rygel!John is our shipmate.He didn’t abandon you when you decided to betray us last time!” Zhaan scolded.She was referring to the time when Rygel had gone to Scorpius to save his own eema and give up his shipmates.

The crew fell silent for a moment.Moya was about ready to starburst.They were quickly running out of options.


It’s another trick. John realized as he struggled to get out of the chair.There was no way he could pry through the metal cuffs holding down his arms and legs.The whole bit about solar flares was an attempt to get information out of him and it had worked.John grew angry with himself.He could not believe the situation he had gotten himself in.

Scorpius stood at the controls, preparing to zap John’s brain.Without warning, he turned the machine on.John screamed in pain as a wave of electricity jolted his mind.The jolt was more intense than he had ever felt in the chair before.He clasped his hands down on the arms of the chair, digging his fingertips into the cool metal.John gasped for a few extra breaths and blinked his eyes.Nothing had shown on the screen.John wondered if the jolt hadn’t just been a warning shot.No, not Scorpy’s style.

His body was beginning to fail him as he was continually subjected to jolts of electricity.His own memories began to flash onto the projection screen in front of him.His eyesight was fading as he watched new memories of being tortured by the Scarren.He didn’t feel like reliving those moments again.But he could not look away, nor was his body strong enough to.Every muscle in his body ached.John realized he wouldn’t be able to hold onto consciousness for much longer.Finally he allowed the darkness to overcome him and he closed his eyes.

“John, you mustn’t give in now, we’ve only just begun!” Scorpius hissed.John did not respond.Scorpius sent another jolt of electricity through John’s body but John remained unconscious.Scorpius sneered and walked up to the chair to peer down into John’s face.He then unlocked John’s arms and legs from the constraints and walked away angrily.

“Report to tier 17.I want his brain dissected.”Scorpius ordered into his comms.He turned to John.“I’ll just have to tear you apart to find what I need.Even in death, you can’t elude me, John Crichton!”He snarled once again at John’s limp body and then stalked out of the room.

A few moments passed before John took his first gasp of air.Wincing, he slowly began to move from his position and flopped to the floor beside the chair.John curled up for a moment, feeling the intense physical pain of the torture he had been through.Breathing hard, John straightened and held onto the chair to support him as he stood up.What a fool.I can’t believe Scorpius unstrapped me!He smiled weakly.

The Marauder shook violently for a moment, sending John back to the floor with a thud.He groaned and used his weak arms to pull himself up.The ship shook again and an alarm began to go off.

Evacuation warning.Evacuation warning.John smiled and laughed hysterically.He stood up with all the strength left in his body and headed slowly out of the room.

John realized the ship was under attack.By whom, he didn’t even care at the moment.All he knew was that he could still make it if he tried.He desperately wanted to get back to Moya, and in one piece.A terrible feeling of guilt was burrowing in his stomach as he thought of his actions aboard Moya.Hopefully, the rest of the crew would forgive him.

Finally, without once passing by a single PeaceKeeper, John entered an area with a few Prowlers still waiting to be taken out to battle.He didn’t care why there seemed to be no PeaceKeepers around.He only cared to get as far away from this place as soon as possible.

John hid behind a column support and observed several PeaceKeepers guarding the area.Another couple were racing frantically towards their Prowlers, preparing to head out to battle.John scanned the scene and smiled when he saw what he was looking for.An abandoned Prowler with quite a chunk blown off the side of it was sitting in a corner.He figured it had been damaged in the battle, for the smoldered metal was still smoking.No one was near that Prowler.John decided he would have to risk all by taking that Prowler.There was no other way out.

Slowly, John walked amongst the shadows of the hanger, vigilantly keeping an eye out on the guards on the far side of the room.He came up to the Prowler and looked the damage.The gaping hole in the metal would cause some problems, but John only needed the ship to get him to Moya.Analyzing the damage, John found his luck was beginning to shine through.He laughed insanely and walked his way around the ship to get into the cockpit.He stopped cold when he felt the cold nuzzle of a weapon pointing into his back.John frowned.He turned around slowly, his arms in the air.He came face to face with Scorpius.Anger grew within John.He was growing tired of this old game.

“John, you didn’t honestly think I would have given up that easily, do you?” Scorpius smiled.He held the pulse rifle securely at John.Time was running out and John knew it.He eyed the tubes used to fix the Prowler hanging down from the ceiling to his left.

“Is any of this real?” John asked, glancing around at the Prowler and the guards who seemed not to notice them.

“That depends on who you ask.” Scorpius stated, confusing John even more.


Continued: Part 3


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